World's most famous obscure surfboards 4- Square tail single fin with tiger spray Part 2

Ben wrote-
Thought you would be interested in this board. I was told that 2 were made for the movie and this is the other 1. Not sure!!! Kid have been using it as a sandboard!!!! Found it at the dump!!!!
It is a Gordon and Smith shaped by Tony Bishop with artwork by Jim Pav???ington maybe?
(Possibly Jim Parkinson from Jackson, another Cronulla based board company)


  1. Hey there Damion.
    Thought you might find this link interesting.
    Steve Core has been working solidly on the "Cronulla Surf Museum" site recently, and one of his latest updates shows an advertisemnet by Emerald Surfboards. Don'y know if Terry Bishop ever worked at Emerald,
    but maybe the spray was done by a local who worked in between different factories at the time.



  2. FYI.
    Cronulla surf museum is done by Chris Stroh, not Steve Core.

  3. The board was shaped by Terry Bishop who in a long and distinguished career shaped for G&S, Emerald, Force 9 and still shapes at Carabine Surfboards in Wollongong.

    The spray was done by Jim Davidson who is a legendary art brush artist who's been spraying boards since the seventies.

    If you want a cracker single or twin fin Carabine still make these boards, Terry still shapes them and Davo will still spray an awesome mural on it for you

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