Longboard Collectors Club meet- Encinitas

The Longboard Collectors club came to my home town of Encinitas recently to hold their meet in the car park of the historic Hansens surfshop.
'President Steve' gave me the best advice I've have ever heard about vintage surfboard collecting.
He said-
 "Buy high and sell low".
I laughed knowing that he meant if you don't take it seriously and your not in it to try and make money you will always enjoy yourself.
Enjoy myself I will, thanks Steve.

The meet was across the road from the closest thing Southern California has to a point break 'Swarmi's'.

A Smerk Mangen 80's quad

A Brewer twin


  1. Malibu's "Surfrider beach", also "Rincon" and "Trestles" are somewhat close to what people call pointbreaks too, in Southern California.