Star Flight. Part 2- the incident with the kneeboard.

Bob Hurley wrote to me about my Star Flight twin fin. 
He tells me that "Larry Jackson and Bill Dinnie from Sunline started the Star Flight label for Lonnie Buhn, a great Huntington Beach surfer and surfboard maker." Bob says that he was "lucky enough to get the chance to help Lonnie out by shaping a few boards there and that those were really great times with really great people."

I was enjoying my 1978 Star Flight twin fin shaped by Larry Jackson recently when I was involved in an ugly incident with an angry kneeboarder that I happened to catch on film.

As I paddled for the peak with the intention of going right the handsome but sneaky cripple comes up on my right flapping and squawking.

As I get to my feet the devious trolley rider uses his rubber wheels to come up on me and grab my rail.

He flipped me off and I fall back in the foam.

the frozen chicken disappears down the line..........