Five times one.

A fantastic selection of single fins lay scattered under the palm trees at Sunset at the Sunkist World cup in 1981. 
Five Geoff McCoy shaped Cheyne Horan models and a lovely Shawn Stussy shaped single fly pin tail.
Cheyne bides his time in the shade prior to his epic World Title showdown with Mark Richards. Minutes later he went down to defeat in his first heat, thereby handing over the '81 Title to MR.
Photo by Aaron Chang.


  1. Looks like Haleiwa, that was the classic heat where Peter Townend, caught 3 waves really quickly then blocked Cheyne from catching one. PT was pissed off cause Cheyne had just left the Bronzed Aussies and PT lost a heap of dough, Cheyne finally gets a wave and PT catches it too and wraps both arms around his leg so he cant surf it classic stuff. Peter knew if he got one he would wail him big time. Which he did and Jack Shipley saw it coming and hit the hooter to finish the heat 1.5 mins early which he later admitted to as he was part owner at the time of Bolt who sponsered MR and knew MR would have PT for Breakfast in the final and Bolt would have a world champ, The rough and tumble world of pro surfing.

    1. Nothing like good old fashion cheating to insure you guy wins. I have been telling people for years Cheyne was ripped out of at least one world title. Likely 82 also. Look how many contest he won in 82 and still didn't win the title.

  2. Mate I have that book as well, I won it for being 1st in my 5th grade class at Seafoth Primary 1979. I just had a flick through it the other day and I'd cut some photos out and I think has stuck them on my Year 7 folder, what a twit. I love the forward in that book. My mate had a Morning Star and I had a McGrigor at the time.

  3. it would not be 1979 Haleiwa (where Cheyne was denied the world title by Jack Shipley) because boards are not from 1979. those boards are from either late 1980 or late 1981, particularly the boards with the black arrows which Cheyne rode in Hawaii 1980 season (I remember in Surfer Mag; Feb 81; photo from Sunset) and at big Bells in April 1981. my guess is Sunkist World cup in 1981 at Haleiwa