Baby Blue Bolt

Michael wrote to me to ask me "Any ideas on who can honestly tell me what this board might be worth. It's an early 80's, 5'-10' single-wing, twin-fin. Ridden for about 4-5 years. Deck has the typical pressure dings from use. Been in a board bag since then.A local guy has been really interested in this board for the past few days and that got me curious."

I am obsessed with Bolt twin fins, with 4 in my collection and I can tell you this is a good one. Baby blue with pink Bolts and designed for two-time pipeline masters champion Rory Russell. Rory was an original Team Bolt member, who excelled on the pro circuit blazing his own trail just behind Gerry Lopez.
That local guy should be interested, this board is worth close to a grand.

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  1. Actually, this bolt is so sick, I would have paid a "Grand" for it. yet, I snagged her for less than half that amount" (life is good)