Fake Bolt

Mike wrote to me with some questions about this nice 6'1" triple fly rounded pin tail twin fin. Its got a great spray and beautiful 'bolt' style pin lines down the rails. This board would be great to ride. It also has what I believe are counterfeit Lightning Bolt transfers and no shapers signature. Fake Bolts were very common for the time as were fake 'Lopez' signatures on the blank. This board is worth as much as pressing of a short lived 'Lightning Bolt Records' release, that is, a lot to the right person.



  1. Do you know the Cecilio & Kapono song, "Friends"? It's one of the best songs ever.

  2. There is this Starbolt on Ebay in Oz that I am looking at. Surprise, surprise, I can't get any info about this brand from anywhere. it has a by line, "As surfed by MR." Thoughts?
    Hope the Auction goes well tomorrow.
    Ano (Bali)