World's most famous surfboards 2- Blue deck yellow rails single fin from Brady Bunch Curse of the Tiki episode 4.

This is the second in a series of postings where I try to determine the worlds most famous and culturally valuable surfboards, where they are now, examine their history and celebrate their obscurity.
The definition is simple, the surfboard the most people have seen and are aware of.

The second board I'd like to submit for your consideration is the blue deck, yellow rails single fin, brand unknown, shaper unknown, that Greg Brady surfed at Ala Moana bowl in the 4th episode of Brady Bunch in Hawaii series. Greg Brady grew up in LA and was a competant surfer in his own right. What's interesting is not so much that he did his own surfing on the show but that he decided to do his own stunt and dive face first onto a dry piece of reef. Check it out here

We need to determine is.
a) How many people know of this board?
b) Who shaped it?
c) Where is it now?

the problem for poor old Greg is he hit the reef at Ala Moana and the family swam out at Waikiki to rescue him...........


  1. Ala Moana is the correct spelling :)
    But I agree, Greg is in trouble if his family tried to save him from Waikiki

  2. Just read your blog. I often wonder about some of those boards, like Greg Brady and the one Batman used on the old tv show from the 60's. Well as you might remember I am a cameraman and I work at the big Movie Studios from time to time. Every studio has a prop department where they store props like surfboards to use for other shows if one is needed. The Brady Bunch was a Paramount Pictures show so my guess is if Greg Brady didn't keep it for himself it is there at the studio. Call the prop departments for each of the major studios and ask them about what surfboards they have in there inventory. Call Paramount, Warner Bros. Sony Pictures and see
    Good luck