World's most famous obscure surfboards 1- Blue round tail single fin from Mad Max 1

This is the first in a series of postings where I try to determine the worlds most famous and culturally valuable surfboards, where they are now, examine their history and celebrate their obscurity.
The definition is simple, the surfboard the most people have seen and are aware of.
The first board I'd like to submit for your consideration is the blue round tail single fin, brand unknown, shaper unknown, that was strapped to the roof of Mel Gibson's Holden HJ Sandman panel van from Mad Max 1.

We need to determine is.
a) How many people know of this board?
b) Who shaped it.
c) Where is it now?

That there is Cundalini... and Cundalini wants his hand back!


  1. There's the English guy, Adrian Bennett, a Mad Max obessed collector who opened up the Mad Max Museum out at Silverton, NSW. [Out West of Broken Hill]. He might know!

    He has a fantastic collection in his Museum. I saw it on TV a few weeks back. Amazing... Check his website...

    Steve Core

  2. Road Warrior is mad max 2 brother. 1 was just Mad Max.

  3. Hi,

    Havn't got a lot for you on the first 3 postings , however by the look of it the Mad MAx board may be a "Klemm Bell" .

    Another board for consideration to post would be the Gun in the final sceens of Big Wednesday , the one that gets passed onto the grom . Also the board that Bruce Raymond surfed in the closeout out sceens would be of interest.

    Good luck with it all , makes for interesting reading


    p.s. I dont think Cundalini ever got his hand back.