Dear Mr Systems.

I'm a fan of innovation. I'm a fan of invention. I'm a fan of the FCS concept. I like the idea of being able to change fins and travel with my boards packed tightly and efficiently. But since FCS introduced the MR twin fin series I have broken or lost 4 fins from 4 sets. The first 2 were the black carbon fibre fins that they no longer run for obvious reasons. These stiff and brittle fins just snapped straight off at the base in average size surf conditions. The next fin I lost was one of the expensive fibre glass laminate performance glass fins that snapped straight out of their plastic fin box converter that I had set up in an old Bruce Jones twinny. Today I lost one of the glass flex fins. Today's was the most upsetting and at the same time the most forgivable.
The story goes as follows, after watching a low pressure system intensify last night over the North Island of New Zealand (on TV not in person) I packed the car for a super early. I drove an hour south in the pitch darkness and was pretty stoked to be the first one out at a place I call 'Da Nang'.
I got 4 long 5ft lefts before I felt that familiar sensation of one of those piece of shit FCS twin fin fins shaping off at the base while during a bottom turn. This time it cracked the casing and tore out some foam and glass which meant at least it tried to hang on for a while. So I ask-
Dear Mr Fin. C. System,
I am a loyal repeat customer. But I need to know, why can't you make a set of twin fins to support 100kgs thru a basic bottom turn?
Have you never been surfing your self on a twin fin? Do you, like so many city bound plastic pop out surfers only surf 6'1" Chinese made thrusters in mushy surf under 3ft?
How is it that a technology used to stick a skeg to a surfboard in the 60's is more effective and longer lasting than that which you now employ.
On your web site you state that these Glass Flex fins were 'developed with chemical engineers'. Can I assume that these chemical engineers more often work with pheudo ephedrine and other precursor chemicals used in the production of 'Ice'?
You state you tested a number of materials with C. Brewer Co. I refute this and say you were obviously working at A. Brewery Co' when these twin fins were developed.
In future, when working on new products, please consider us, the massive army of wide fin based, 2 finned, 1 tonne surfboard riders who just want to go surfing on a nice 30 year old board.


The Board Collector.


  1. the fusions will handle the twin fin Damion.

  2. rossharrison@bigpond.comJuly 17, 2009 at 7:32 AM

    Dear Mr Systems,I hear what you say and having set this sytem since me thinks 1991/92..we were one of the first crew to use fcs in vicco so ive set around 6000 to 8000 plugs. Ive lived through each plug innovation which is around 4 now and different setting patterns..The history with the twin fin has been sketchy with the M.R fin creating the biggest head aches...they popped plugs and just ripped off at the base and still thinks that the force on these fins in bottom turns and so on is so great that the system and plugs struggle to handle it.i had one guy break 3 fins, sure it could be a weakness in the fin but we have also since plugs knocked out with no apparent trauma to the fin..what i can say is that some guys dont h pattern the fin to the deck properly, dont add hammermill to the resin and dont place an extra 6 oz cloth on the plug area for support to the top of the plug...Overall the fcs system has been excellent but i do have reservations about the new plug..i think its called x2..the bond of resin to plug is a little suspect and very hard to sand without heating up..some guys who make eps boards need to beef up the plug system with a high density foam suuround to deck..those that dont will have serious problems some of the big manufactureres in thailand ..dont.. and thats a problem..anyway i agree with you...MR Fins probably need 3 plugs ...stay upright Rasta

  3. Dear Board Collector,

    Sorry you are having trouble, I feel for you. You are a loyal supporter the truth is you are a big man ridding a very big fin and holding it with 2 tabs just doesn’t seem to be doing it for you. I’m 89 KG and I can usually ride them fine but I’ve snapped a few. Usually sliding then catching on a twinny with no middle fin at all…might as well have walked up and kicked it with an army boot when that happens though cause its such a sharp impact.

    The Glass Flex material was developed by the Brewer brothers at C. Brewer who are surfers and also the nephews of Dick Brewer. The are 1 of the top molding outfits in the country and they get it…Glass Flex has great break strength and holds big men such as yourself on every other fin but the engineering of that XL twin fin is the outer envelope of what any material we have can handle for a fin that big on 2 tabs. Add your solid frame and a serious turn and… well, you know the outcome…

    So what are your options? Glass them on? Yep that works but they still crack and leak. MR himself used to have that problem on his tour boards in the 80s. Go to a quad and spread the punishment over more smaller fins? Yeah but not what you want right? Another System? Maybe… but all our testing shows that our new X2 plug (Solid grey opaque) is the strongest system out there when installed correctly. (See our website below for that) If those are put in correctly they should hold your man turns. But the fin is another story. I have a Xanadu Squid twinny, have you seen the fins on those things they are Giant Keels! I went with 3 tabs and plugs per fin after snapping a fiberglass keel on a long Blacks bottom turn. So lets try that, where are you located? Get your board retro fitted with 3 X2 plugs by someone who is a good installer. I’ll get you a set of 3 tab twin fins made on FCS. I’ll bet you a dollar that they exceed your expectations. Keep in mind the Nave still manages to rip the keels off warships when the really try hard… Hope that makes you feel appreciated cause you are! My contact info is below please contact me directly when you can.

    Best regards,
    Tyler Callaway

    Director of Business Development
    Surf Hardware International

    7615 Othello Ave.
    Suite B
    San Diego, CA 92111
    Toll Free 866-828-9327

  4. I hear you Damo,
    had a similar saga with a twinny set-up a few years back... pulled the plugs five times... once they go they continue to go! only solved the problem by having the tabs sanded off, and glassing the MR carbon fins in.
    The 2 plug FCS system simply isn't engineered to hold the larger MR fins... the three plug system is the G. O.
    love your blogg.