MR's competition quiver

Hunting around in my new friend's shed I was blown away to see a stack of boards I recognized.
A STACK!! of MR's personal competition boards from the 80's complete with Mango and Victory Wetsuit decals still with original 80's deck grip.

He said "oh that's nothing"
"I've got an original - Mark Richards- Team Bolt- SKY-twin fin" and there it was tucked away over in the corner.

MR at Tamarama by Sean Davey

OH MY GOD- WHATS THIS??!! stoked.......


  1. M R the Wounded Seagull! Missing those years...

  2. That's one of Gary Timperly's sky twin fins. Prior to starting Bay Action GT or Timpo worked at Sky and was sponsored by Lightning Bolt in the early 80's. It's a surprise its lasted this long as they were only glassed with one layer of 4oz and a few patches, you could put your fingers through them when you duck dived. At the same time MR boards were made under licence across the road at Pacific Surfcraft which later became Maddog.