Blue Bird

A big 'ol pick up truck is a must have Californian surf accessory if you are to properly enjoy a west coast summer.
I was lucky enough to be offered this 1971 Chevrolet C10 at a very reasonable price that is perfect for my needs.
Part of its appeal lies in that Chevy's are slightly exotic in my books, the brand having never been built or formally distributed in Australia by GM. 
Its also very difficult to get a pink slip in Australia (a roadworthy certificate) if there is any evidence of structural rust. So there is something a little taboo about driving a rusty truck with holes in it. Then there is the gun rack on the rear window which makes me feel like I'm a character in a Neil Young song.
But the best part of driving a big pick up truck is what they call 'tail gating'. Pulling up right the edge of the sand, dropping the hatch and having a BBQ in the back of your own truck right on the beach.

Cardiff reef is the perfect spot for longboarding and tailgating.

My son named the truck 'Blue Bird' so I thought I would turn it into a homage to Bob McTavish

Cardiff, not often this uncrowded when theres waves.

A 40 year 350 Chev V8 can still do 120k on the freeway

I have alway loved the sun shining thru some fins on the window sill.... I turned the gun rack into a fin rack

It feels like driving a rusty toy Tonka truck.

'Tail gating' California style


  1. Damion Dude,
    In these parts, tailgating is called tailgating because "you pull up to the edge of the sand, drop the TAILGATE, toss a couple of shrimps on the barby etc, etc, etc....
    Otherwise we'd call it 'hatching'. (just a little FYI to increase your chances of survival 'in these parts')
    Nice truck by the way! '71-'72 GM's are the best.
    G'day mate,

  2. dont claim spots in california unless youre a freaking KOOK! stay home and claim your spot...

  3. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment.
    Cardiff Reef is not a secret spot, its on the 101 and most days the car park is full of RV with people from out of town.
    For the record, Americans are most welcome in Australia.
    I hope you get the chance to enjoy a visit as much as I'm enjoying my vist to the US.