Dana Point Part 2.

I had to give a lot of thought to what I was going to show at the Longboard Collectors club meet at Dana Point. 
I decided to go with a theme of 1978-1982 twin fins, with an equal mix of Australian and US boards. This way I could show and discuss the subtleties in the variations in design that were happening at the time on each side of the Pacific. The US evolution from the Steve Lis inspired fish twin fins with their shorter wider fins, wider tails and flatter rockers. The Australian designs I could show, where more heavily influenced by MR's designs and world title wins.

I set my self up on the grass with my cooler full of water and snacks, caffeined up, ready to debate and discuss.

No one cared.

A pair of Kellys.

dozens of Bolts

Kris from the vintage surfboard

I've got wood




it was the largest meet of its type I'd ever seen


One group of young guys bought over a dozen boards...

.....and still kept adding more to the pile.

President Steve

possible identity theft

to quote Paul McNeil in reference to the iron cross's place in surf culture
 "i think the german's had something to do with it"

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