Bob McTavish invites surfers to the shaping room

Bob McTavish: 50 years of shaping, thousands of surfboards
Bob McTavish has been shaping surfboards for 50 years. The Australian icon has been considered one of the most influential and important surfers and shapers in history.
McTavish has been running McTavish Surfboards non-stop since 1962. He's done everything. In all shapes, colours and for all purposes. Big waves, fat waves, small waves, vertical waves.
"I've shaped tens of thousands of boards: logs, cruisers, involvements, plastic machines, trackers, hulls, eggs, down-railers, mini-guns, full guns, tri-fins, twin-fins, bluebirds, twinzers, stubbies, asymetrics, thrusters, windsurfers, plus all kinds of modern longboards, mid-lengths, quads, trimmers, pintails and so on", says Bob McTavish.
In the last years, he has also been busy with TV series, books, movies. Now, he's back in the hand-shaping room with all the tools and his infinite experience.
The McTavish brand invites surfers to have Bob shape their board with him. For $400 on top of the cost of the board Bob will work with you at the McTavish Factory, at Byron Bay, to design and hand shape your board.
Bob will fully hand-shape the board, start to finish, with your input and personally sign it. Customers will be able to choose a classic from any past era, or a current hot design to lift their surfing to a new level.
The first major distribution of custom McTavish surfboards came with the "Bluebird" model in 1972. It was the world’s first production shortboard with a great reputation for cutting edge design and performance, as well as impeccable quality.
Thousands of Bluebird models were manufactured up until 1979, when the logo was phased out. Watch the Bob McTavish 50 years of shaping video, here.

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