Wish list.

While at the Long Board collectors club meet at the Surfing Heritage Museum in San Clemente I came across this beautiful late 70's Bruce Jones shaped single fly, swallow tail, channel bottom twin fin. 
1979 to be exact. 
September 1979, according to Bruce Jone's own records.

In addition to its incredible condition it had these unique translucent rainbow colored tail blocks made from the overflow drips that collect on the glassing room floor. 

Recently Margret Yeo gave me a tour of the Bing factory in Encnitas where I was blown away by the beautiful, sculptural effect that is created by the resin run off on the glassing room floor.

Once a month they smash up these 2 and 3 inch thick sheets of hardened pigment colored resin. 

The nose didnt even have a chip
33 years old and never ridden
Bruce Jones ad from Surfing 1979
I guess I'll just add this one to my wish list too.


  1. Damo, this is GORGEOUS... not to mention, I bet it works unreal. Is this for sale? I would love to put in an offer...

  2. Those look like pretty sharp down rails running through the nose. Would be tough not to wax that one up and give her a try.

  3. Those rails look pretty sharp running through the nose. Sick sled. Wouldn't you be tempted to see how it rides?

  4. great board from a great board builder.