Nectar thruster

Surf culture, like all cultural niches, has a list of obvious and cliched collectibles.
Kahanamoku, Blake, Dora, Noll, Lopez, Greenough, Peterson, Fitzgerald, Richards, Slater etc.

For me there are a few unique pieces I'd really like to own.
A pair of Quicksilver board shorts with the duck logo, before the mountain and the wave came along.
A Reyn Spooner Hawaiian shirt with the topless girl label, before they put a bikini on her.
A Simon Anderson thruster with hand drawn / stenciled 3 fin logo, before they printed the rice paper decal. 
Now there cant be too many of the last one ever made. So this board is pretty incredible. The fact one of the first three fin (of equal size) boards ever made in the USA its in such good condition is just mind blowing.

Simon with what can only be this very board from Nectar ad in 1981

Shaped by Art Collier

Nectar ad featuring Simon and the hand drawn logo


  1. I worked in the shop that bought three of the first Nectar Simon Anderson thrusters in Florida. One had an orange rail cut, the other Simons blue fade, the other had Jane Mansfield figures in pink all over it. 5'11', 6'2'' and 6'3''