North Coast road tripping

There are a few quintessential elements that make up every good North Coast surf trip.

1) The drive through the lush coastal hinterland.

2) Logging at a point.

3) A roast dinner at the RSL.

4) Pandamas palms on a point.

5) Seeing one guy out at a sand bottom point break.

6) Sampling the local organic produce.

7) Frangipanis and bungalows.

8) Empty peaks at the back beaches.

Actually pretty solid, double overhead on the sets.

9) Friendly locals

10) Drinking beers in the car park with rubber arms at sunset

11) Getting a wave from the jump off rocks to the beach.

This particular trip took us as far north as Crescent Head.

Just in time for a nice little long period swell that had come to us from as far away as Tahiti.

There were some spectacular sunrises and some solid sets.

The thing about Crescent is its all about scoring the sand in the river mouth.

Like everywhere, it was busy on saturday and sunday and virtually deserted on monday and tuesday when the clouds came over.

After a while the morning sickness wore off and things cleaned up a bit.

Just for fun we went for a drive and surfed this novelty wave around the corner.

Where I met this guy and his great 70's Bob Cooper shaped fish.

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