Terry Fitzgerald pipeline gun / windsurfer.

Photo: Devine
Meeting a friend for a quick surfboard hand over I got a quick glimpse a true piece of surf history. 
Terry Fitzgerald's hand shaped pipeline gun that he, himself, rode at pipe. 
The board very likely, could be the biggest gun, on the far right,  from Jeff Devine's famous quiver shot.
The board was then passed to Hot Buttered's first (and only??) sponsored windsurfer who converted the board to a wave jumper. 

What would I do with it if it were mine, I don't know? 
Would I restore it to its original Hawaiian functionality? Do I value it more with the footstraps, because it tells the story of the next chapter in the evolution?

Nothing gives me a thrill more than uncovering the tiny details of our obscure and buried surf history.

Terry at Pipe. Photo: Devine

Photo: Devine.

Terry in Hawaii. Photo: Devine.
Get your wallet out Gav.


  1. I'd suggest you take it windsurfing at Pipe!

  2. is the terry fits board with the wind surf boxes available for sale?

  3. is the terry fits gun with the windsurf boxes available for sale?

    i am interested