The white whale!

I had speculated about its existance, but I never knew if it was real until now.
I've certainly never seen pictures of one.
Here we have proof, the missing link, the white whale, one of the first Energy thrusters ever made, the innovation period design whose combination of elements went on to change surfboard design like no other, shaped by Simon, airbrushed by Simon's brother, with the hand cut stencil '3 fin thruster' logo, WITH the 3 logo triangle of decals under the glass reserved only for Energy team riders, Simon, Mike and Scott.
15 years ago I heard of a similar early model selling in Japan for excess of $10,000. 
Today it sold on eBay for the mind blowing sum of AU$49.

Times must be tough out there.

Simon in Hawaii, photo Surfing 1981

Simon in Hawaii, photo Surfing 1981

Here are 2 fine examples from the Hawaiian vintage surf auction. Nice but not nearly as rare.

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