Artificial reefs, where are they?

I went to visit my good friend Christian in Singapore recently. He and his brother have opened a beach front bar on the island of Sentosa. The beach is beautiful, the girls go crazy and the boys are working hard and living like Kings!
The beach you see is artificial with the sand having been brought in from Indonesia. The island in the background is built over a steel frame with rocks and trees dropped on top. Imagine the left hander that would peel around the point if this island faced the swell.
It begs the question, if they can do this in Singapore why haven't we got dozens of perfect man made points all over the world? I've been re-reading surfing magazines from the 80's where we were promised wave pools with 6 ft barrels and artificial reef on every beach with a closeout by the year 2000.
What happened?

Beachgirl wrote:
I really enjoy reading your blog. I just saw this on TV about a father/daughter team that are building artificial reefs. You might enjoy it.

Toronto, Canada

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