A man needs a shed, part 1

After a decade of living in shoebox sized apartments with piles of boards clogging up hall ways, stair wells and bedrooms I've finally moved to a house with a dedicated surfboard shed. I can not describe the pure joy of being able to get my hands on all my 'ladies' at once and the pleasure in knowing that they are not getting twisted or crushed when they are stored all over town under friends houses and in the rafters of random garages. The other night I just left the light on in the shed and the door open and stared at all that history from the balcony with a beer. Am I weird?


  1. You are not weird, you are lucky... Love you blog mate...

    Are you an American living in Oz?

    I am, Californian in Queensland...

  2. You are not weird, you are lucky... love you blog and your collection.

    Are you an american living in Oz?

    I am a Californian living in Queensland...

  3. I feel you brother, I was literally daydreaming on the train about putting a new skateboard together today.

    And whoa, some of these graphics are coming dangerously close to 80s skate material, I'll call it the 'radovation period.'

  4. Dude. You'd be weird not to.

  5. I'm looking for a pink Lightning bolt just like the in the picture. We would pay you to borrow it, with full insurance or we we would could put an offer on it if you would like.
    My name is Paul Hasegawa-Overacker and I'm a filmmaker about to do a film with the REAL Gidget (Kathy Koehner) and Anjelica Huston. paulfilmlike@gmail.com