The McCoy brothers and their Hawaiian cousin.

Tim from Pure Life Surfboards Hawaii wrote-
Aloha Damion,
I've been enjoying your latest blogs with the McCoy boards. Thought I'd shoot you over a few pics of my McCoys & accompanying fins. I dig the Lazor Zap shape, mine is 5'10"x20"x3 1/16" full "texture deck" top.
Hope all's well with you over there "down undah"...!

I was on the Far North Coast and because the surf was tiny I decided to drop in at the Mc Coy factory to see what they have been up to and I was stoked to see Geoff doing modern replicas of this historic design.


  1. Aloha Australia, Damion, & McCoy Crew! Hope to visit there someday!
    Peace & much aloha,

  2. McCoy is one of the best there has ever been. I used to be a dealer until they got to expensive to import. Geoff is also one great character that has added to the sport. What beautiful surfboards. I have written a few articles about his contributions at Whoever does this site..keep up the good work. Nice stuff board collector.