1977 Stubbies- a pair of...

The 1977 Stubbies was a pivotal point in surf history. Peter Drouyn introduced man on man surfing and Micheal Peterson redefined what a single fin could do on a wave.
My mate Keith came in today frothing with a genuine pair of Stubbies board shorts from 1977 just like MR's.
I couldn't believe that the pocket plaster was the official entry form for a comp to go to the event and even surf in the elimiation rounds.
Imagine, all you had to do was go to Waltons or Fletcher Jones and buy a pair of shorts and you could have surfed in the contest with MR, Rabbit, MP, the young freckle faced Tom Carroll, PT, Mark Warren, Al Byrne, Cheyne Horan, Rory Russell, O&E founder Brian Cregan, Michael Ho, Bruce Raymond, Buzzy Kerbox, Dennis Pang, Mark Sedlak, Randy Rarrick, Ian Cairns, Paul Neilsen, Simon Anderson, Peter Drouyn, Ron Ford, Bondi's Steve Jones.

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