Two Wheels, Two Fins!

I did some photos with Simon for an upcoming story in Slide Magazine on Deus. I was so stoked to get some good waves on my favorite board. Tom Eberly shaped, Hawaiian built, late 70's Lighting Bolt single fly swallow tail twin fin.


  1. It was a great show, timely idea.

    Loving your blog! After skating for years I've just moved to Cronulla and about to buy a longboard. BC is a favourite read! Thanks!

  2. That's so frickin'cool Damion!
    I love the whole concept of pullin' up to the break on that bad ass bike, then pullin' into a couple good sized barrels on a bitchin' twinny!
    Awesome Brah!...yer killin; it!
    Stoked today...almost Friday! Surf all weekend...S-SW swells are here!
    Much aloha from Big Island!
    P.S. You should see the Bonzers that the Mothership dropped off this week!...long time coming!...will send pics later..."Evolution" is almost complete...always evolving though...! posts!

  3. I want one,if the waves are gammy you can go fangingly fast just like on a twinny!

  4. How about a Trike,3 wheels and a twinny with brakes,love it man,Stylemaster

  5. The only thing wrong about the best thing ever is? Needs a chick on the back,just in case it stops!