Gerry's first G-land pin tail.

Gerry Lopez has been associated with two of the most iconic graphic applications in the history of surfboard design.
First, the Lightning Bolt as seen at Pipeline. 
Second, the all over camo spray as seen at G-Land.
I have often wondered why Gerry committed so heavily to the camouflage pattern for his own label.

Keith was travelling through Newcastle where he got a sneak peak at Peter McCabe's stash of boards. Peter was an early Indo pioneer and Gerry G-land travel partner.

This single fin pin tail above was shaped by Gerry and was one of the first boards he took to G-land. He sprayed it with this camo design so he and Pete could stash the boards in jungle and keep them safe till they could return.

Gerry has stuck to the theme ever since. 

G-land jungle.

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