UK Vintage Surf Meet.

Whilst in the UK I was lucky enough to make it to the vintage surf meet meet in Braunton organized by Al Lindsay from Vintage Surfboard Collector UK and hosted by Peter Robinson from the Museum of British Surfing.

Hey look kids, there's Big Ben, and there's Parliament.- Clark Griswold

London. Walking across town you see the most remarkable sights.

Hyde Park

Buckingham Palace.


The meet was held in Braunton, North Devon.
I was stoked to meet Alasdair from Vintage Surfboard Collector UK and his Hayden spoon.

Creamed Honey collection

Part of Al's collection featuring his Ted Deerhurst Sabre

Britain's most valuable belly board, as ridden by her Royal Highness Queen Elizebeth in 1964.

15 Creamed Honey single fin surfboards from Australia.

You have got to admire Shaun's decication and focus to put together his Creamed Honey collection above.

It seems I wasn't the only one drawing Schroff logos on my boards in the 80's

British classics

Ocean Magic twin fin from the UK

Summercloud bat tail

2 x Nats

Cornish by Peterson

Surfboard registration stickers were still required in the UK as late as 1985

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  1. Just wondering when next vintage meet is..have a creamed honey board I'm on Facebook as orville birdman..)