Stussy twin fin

My quest to find a Shawn Stussy shaped twin fin has recently taken me as far as Tokyo, with some remarkable success.
First stop, the new S-Double surfboard showroom in Shibuya where I met this beautiful contemporary matt finish pigment coat interpretation of the original Stussy twin fin.

Next stop was the the amazing new "luxury alt. surf" destination of Ron Herman's Sendagaya where I met one of Shawn's S-Double re-creations of his 80's single fly, swallow tail, twin fin designs.

The highlight came in the back streets of Harijuku where I discovered this truly original vintage 80's hand shaped Shawn Stussy single fly, swallow tail, twin fin shaped for "Brett". A little beat up and sun damaged but solid through the tail without even a single crack around the fins.

Hmmmmmm.....Sun-tory time.