Aloha to Zen- The Art of Surfing and Living on Earth.

After working on this project for 3 years in Southern California and another 1 year on the South Coast near Sydney, my beautiful and talented wife's master work is complete.
'Aloha to Zen' is an illustrated encyclopedia of surfing, permaculture and radical eco-politics.

Barefoot tree house artist, Fern Levack

The book has been getting a little bit of love from all around the world, from Dave at Almond in Newport Beach CA.

To Deus Ex Machina in Sydney, LA and Byron.

Its loaded with obscure surf history and design references.

and has a whole section of 'thoughts to hang out with'.
Its so good, it literally brings me to tears each time I read it.

I love you Fern!

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  1. Congratulations Fern, well bloody done. Always were on the front of the wave, Love Lyn Thiry