Clean up.

People say to me "how do you find the space to keep all those boards"
Well, I don't and sometimes your just got to make room. 
Sadly I had to let these pieces of surf history go this week.
At least I was able to stay true to my motto "Buy high, sell low, enjoy the ride"

This interesting Hot Buttered by Greg Webber that features the decal that was soon to become Webber surfboards.

A very early version of the thruster design by Northern Beaches boy Greg Trotter.

Dean Edward's, originally from Malibu, now shaping in Hawaii.

I would have like to have found out who "Aussie Dingo Boy" was.

Sadly the mystery of the Laurie Byrne Clinker will never by solved.
Which Hawaiian travelling pro was this made for?
Larry, Dane or Vince?

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  1. John McLeay told me the other day that Webber is trying to buy any avail. boards from his early career.