Tom Parrish’s backyard.

This photo, taken by Tom Parrish, circa 1977 shows the backyard of his, Tom Parrish’s, house on the north shore of Oahu. Tom used to shape and store many of the world's best professional surfers boards including Rabbit Bartholomew's, Peter Townend's, Shaun and Micheal Tomson's, Mark Richards, Ian Cairns among others.
They are all mind blowing boards but the only one I can recognize is Petey's powder pink pintail.

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  1. I just found this site, and did some follow research on Tom Parrish. I'd heard about him through interviews with the travelling Aussie Pros, way back in the 70's.. What that we could travel back to an era that was alot free'er than what it is today. At least my ol knees could handle the strain back then.