Jealous and Scared- Mystery solved

Mike explains-
I found the bolt in Bali, it was around june 2002 my 2nd trip there of the year when i saw the board standing on 1 of the many boards rental joint racks in kuta. That when i knew i must get this piece of surf history out of the rental mayhem in kuta. I made the rental guys an offer & he accepted it immediately, it was peanuts but guess the guy was happy to get that old yellow single fin that nobody rent out of this bunch & get some 2nd hand thrusters w/ the $$..

It was still in pretty sound condition when i got it, taking into consideration it was used as a rental & under the bali sun 24/7. There was the normal dings on the nose, tails & various areas around the rails but board still felt soild & there no delam of any kind.

I can't find any specs or marking on the board, i measured it around to be 7ft 2' or 7ft 4'. It got a laminated sticker on the top part toward the tail area that said 'Shaped by Tom Eberly' which I googled to be 1 of the lightning bolt shaper in the 70's, there another 'Lightning Bolt Made in HAWAII U.S.A' on the centre back of the board. I dun think it belongs to Gerry Lopez but it probably got left behind for 1 of the kuta locals boys by the visiting Hawaiian Pros surfing Uluwatu & Padangx2 during the late 70's when bali was juz discovered.

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