Maroubra is not the Bronx

With the recent US theatre release of the 'Bra Boys documentary and the planned film version with Mark Whalburg staring as Koby Aberton a number of people have been asking me 'how heavy is the 'bra'?
Here is a recent photo of me on sunny day at Maroubra. Please note- there is no smoke from burning cars, no riot control police, no gangs of tattooed thugs lining up to beat me up for surfing their break. In fact there's not even another surfer in the water.
In my opinion you couldn't find a prettier beach or a more orderly group of surfers anywhere. By orderly I mean they don't tolerate drop in's which makes for a safer and more pleasent surfing experiance for all.

Now Bondi on the other hand with its 10,000 kooks bailing chinese made long boards in the impact zone every time theres a 3ft set, that place is heavy, don't go there....

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  1. I am not sure who skeeper is? I thought you had to wear a girls bra to be a member of these plastic gangster.....they are a farrkin to to surf...Koby is a nob...

  2. Saw the film with a buddy of mine shortly after it was released here in New York. A few comments. One, I was struck by the fact that there really isn't a single female in the entire film, just a bunch of half naked dudes dancing on top of buses and waving their shirts around over their heads. Respect to the Abbertons, but this film honestly made us laugh. You want to see hard? Come check out East New York or even my homebreak, Rockaway Beach. Great blog, keep up the good work!