Surf-o-Rama: Treasures of Australian Surfing is new newly published celebration of Australian surfing and beach culture by Murry Walding. The book covers Australian surfers, magazines, books, music and features excellent examples of surf craft and paraphernalia.
In the surfboard history section he lists his Top Twenty essential boards for any collection.
These are not boards your gonna find at a garage sale for $15 so I wouldn't call them all essential, but its a nice list to aspire to owning. My top 5 are highlighted in bold.

1. Solid Timber board.
2. Ply board.
3. 16ft toothpick
4. Hollow Ockanui.
5. Keiran balsa Malibu.
6. Scott Dillion gun.
7. Gordon Woods triple stringer 'Island Special'.
8. Hayden longboard.
9. Keyo longboard.
10. George Rice wafer.
11. Bob McTavish Plastic Machine by Keyo.
12. Wayne Lynch International Involvement by John Arnold.
13. Farrelly pintail.
14. George Greenough spoon.
15. Ted Spencer White Kite by Shane.
16. First generation twin fin by Shane.
17. 1970's round pin single fin by McCoy.
18. Hot Buttered Flyer swallow tail with Worthington spray.
19. Mark Richards twin fin.
20. Simon Anderson Energy three fin thruster.


  1. What about Peterson's boards? Mate I think this guy has no idea!!!!!

  2. I would also think a Bonzer needs be there.

  3. is this mc coy for sale?

  4. The photo is from the book.
    The book is for sale.
    The board is not.

  5. I've got a John Arnold board and my son lost the Simplex Style fin. Anybody know where I can obtain one?

  6. I found a Ted Spencer White Kite on a throw out pile yesterday in the street...
    Couldn't believe my eyes...
    6"6' single fin in cloth cover with only slight nose & tail damage..

  7. I have an old board had it for about 12 years needs repairs. Its a Wayne Lynch International Ivolvement 6'10 reading this I take its worth fixing?

  8. What a shame the Russell Hughes Excellor model isn't there. I suppose you can't put all historical boards there but I think this should be there. And, I remember being with Glen Short one day at Palm Beach checking his new board.....Amazing thing! Concave nose the point of only fiberglass! You could see through the board. In the 70s this was a big deal! You wouldn't be able to get one though....only one, and I guess it proved to be to light at the front....not much power. The Excellor though is a different story...unpretentious and just beautiful in its simplicity.