Black Bolt.

I have an obsession with Lightning Bolt surfboards from the 70's and eighties. The rarer the better. This ones got to be one of the rarest. An all black Tom Eberly (Hawaii) shaped single fly swallow tail twin fin. I spoke to Mark Richards (who shaped for Lightning Bolt for a while and who was a long time Team Bolt rider) about this board an he assured me it was made for advertising purposes only. One like the ad above to be precise from the back cover of Surfer from December 1980. The pics were sent to me a while ago by a fella in California (whose email I have since lost) who was interested in selling it.



  1. you should make it out to Randy rarricks auction i saw a preview of whats being offered and damm there's some boards worth saving up for!!

  2. Sick old model. Initially it was probably produced for the ad but obviously was later ridden (wax). From personal experience, they ride amazing. EB actually re-made or brought back that original twin shape a few years ago. I have been riding it in SoCal for the past five or six years as one of my primary go-to boards. It is basically the same style of board, but with refinements of course due the natural progression EB developed over the years. Amazing board.

    Here's a couple shots of one of mine:

  3. Colin what are the dimensions on that board?

  4. 5'8" x 20" x 2 7/16"

  5. Hey Colin, Did you see this one.....?

  6. Hello! This is actually our surf board, and we sent in the pictures to you =). We are planning on listing it for sale in the next week, so if you guys are interested, please let us know.
    Our emails are or

  7. Hello, this is our surfboard and we are planning on selling it within the next week or so. If you guys are interested our emails are below. Thanks!

    1. Hi, let us know where you list it for sale.