Star Fin Systems- The on going dilemma. Part 1.

Matt from Florida has been suffering the same pain as many of you who write to me trying to get hold of the rare vintage Star Fin System Fins.
Matt has taken matters into his own hands and has made replicas using a couple of different methods. You can check out a few of his attempts at-
And if you ask him really nicely he might even make you a set. His email is


  1. Nice, well thanks for the props man. You have some pretty sick boards! I'd be willing to negotiate some fins for some boards... haha. I'll let you know how future fin making works out, its getting better every time.

  2. hey how can i get a hold of some star systems fins for my G&S twin fin. Man i have searched everywhere. Please if you can i would love get this board in the water. thanks for your time. trevor sucara

    1. Hi Trevor, if you're just after a set of regular star fins, I have a spare set of plain white G&S star system fins I could sell you. Let me know if you still need any. My email is:

  3. iam looking for a pair of g&s star fin if any one can help email me email me

  4. anyone know where to get the screws that attach the fin to box??

  5. I need three star fins please.

  6. I need a set of three for a G&S zapper.

  7. I have a box full of original star system fins what are they worth? John