Star Fin Systems- The on going dilemma. Part 2.

Lee wrote-
Hey Damion, I sent you a photo of my tris twin fin shaped by chops a while ago and then i lost one of the g&s star fins, unable to find a replacement i have been making a few sets and thought you might like to see them. See photo attached or you can check them out here
alway love reading your blog mate keep it up.

Cheers, Lee

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  1. 5 fins or quad fins? I'm about to order a new Firewire and I WILL select fins that are foiled both ways (convex as well as concave on the opposite side, except for the tail fin).
    But my question is, will 5 fins create noticeably more drag than 4 fins, which are supposed to be looser? Also, if 5 fins are too much, I can always leave off 2 of them and make it a thruster. What to do? What to do? I know, I'll experiment. But I'd love to hear from anyone who's already experimented!