Ace Cool. Part 1

When ever anyone asks me what name I would give my son my answer is immediate.
I would give him the name that I would have liked to be introduced as in the play ground on my first day at a new school.

'Ace Cool'

Ace Cool, also as known as Alec Cooke, was credited with riding the biggest wave ever when I was growing up in the early 80's.
A time before 'tow in' and when big hairy water men were few and far between.
Not universally respected, Ace holds place close to my heart as I remember reading stories if him being spotted drying off after solo 50ft sessions at Kenaea Point and being pulled by helicopter from closing out Wieama Bay.

Imagine my stoke when my good mate Mark sent me these pics of an original 'Ace Cool' custom board at a swap meet in California.

He didn't buy it, but I'm just glad to know quirky classics like that are still floating round out there.

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