OP Pro 1985- Competitors tent.

Tom Curren feeling the pressure before the final of the OP Pro at Huntington Pier in 1985. Tom lost to Mark Occhilupo thus sending Mark into a 10 year party frenzy. That all ended happily, as we know, but what I would like to know is who do those boards belong to, who shaped them, and where are they now?

We can see Occy's Rusty Preisendorfer and Tom's Al Merrick.
but who was riding the red jet fins?

also competing in the finals that day were.....
Tom Carroll on his Byrne.
Mike Parsons.......?
Micheal Ho..........?
'Ces' Wilson on his Rex Marsel?

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  1. The funny thing about Curren's board was that:
    -It was a pintail which was very rare for him to ride back then.
    -This was the first one that was painted and everyone thought he was riding his wife's board during the event.
    -All three fins were different sizes.