Sea Surfboards

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with my good mate Brent from Sea Surfboards in Byron Bay and do a little early morning product testing on their new school / old school quads, logs and twinnys.
Shaper Dain Thomas is at the cutting edge of the new movement in post modern retro designs where he and artist Paul McNeil take the best from the history of surfboard design and give it their own unique modern twist.
I rode a 6'2" quad that was fast loose and easy to paddle. I would love to try their replica Greenough spoon at Lennox next time there is a solid southerly swell hitting north eastern new south wales.


  1. bit late to the partee

  2. I am a bit anxious. Like having a crush on a new girl...

    Those sticks make heart skip a few beats. How do I get my hands on one stateside? Will you bring one over on your next trip???

  3. i love this company.
    had on a DT/Sea 5'7" quad for 3 years, that has held up at solid double o'head south swells, and been a friend in small waves too.

    Dig their stee!

    late to the partee, whatevs, good company.
    Molto respect Damo!