Deus / Boardcollector Surf Market photos by Carby Tuckwell.

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After months of planning, emails and meetings the first Deus / Boardcollector Surf Market went off without a hitch. Crew drove in from Noosa, Byron, North Haven and Torquay. I sold some boards and bought some boards, breaking my own rule by sending much more than I made!
The outside wall of the meet was set up with elastic straps as a consignment wall and worked really well. Guys came by in the morning and dropped off 1, 2, 3, or 4 boards and left them with Steffan who had a clipboard and kept all the seller info on file.
I encourage everyone to bring more individual boards on the 10th of April. The only rule being the boards must be pre-1990 to earn a spot on the wall.

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