I would give 10 new surfboards.....

Gavin sent me some pics of his recent acquisition.
An original Mark Richard's Team Bolt twin fin shaped by Mark in 1983, complete with Victory Wetsuits sponsor decal.
This board is as rare as a bottle of 1942 Bordeau from the south of France when the Nazis were plundering the cellars and driving tanks across the vineyards. In 1983 Mark was at the height of battle with Cheyne travelling the world on tour and hardly shaping at all. And like the 1942 wine, I regard the year 1983 the premium vintage for twin fins.
Sure it could do with a little fixing up, but I would swap 10 new boards for this piece of design history.

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  1. Hey Gang,
    You just need to send it over to me and I'd work my restoration magic on that beauty! I've restored about half a dozen of Mark's boards and they are certainly worthy of the project. Lot of guys say they don't like "restored boards". But this is a classic case in point. What is the board worth in the condition it's in? Would you pay $50, $100, ten boards worth??? When done correctly and to the orignial specs, you can take an original and bring it back to life, just like it was when it was in it's prime. It's still the same board and as a tribute to MR and his skills, it's just about good as new again. Then what is it worth? Aloha, Randy Rarick

    Randy Rarick
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