Stimulus package.

If it was your birthday and you were going to a famous Fijian reefbreak for a week and you a have 30kg baggage allowance that meant you could bring one vintage surfboard with you to explore a revolutionary design of the past (with removable fins) would you choose....

A) Local Knowledge. 6'5 channel bottom single fin pin tail. To get deep in the tube, like those at Kirra, for which it was designed.
B) Sky. 6'0" Bob Mc Tavish shaped single fly swallow tail twin fin. To fly down the line sweeping and carving like Joe Engle riding Nias for the first time.
C) Bing. Lotus model single fin pin tail. A cooperative design between Bing and Dick Brewer, built for powerful surf and tube-riding.
D) Bing. 6'0" diamond tail bonzer bottom (extreme single to double concave) single fin. Designed by the Campbell Brothers. A board built for speed and drive.

A) 16
B) 12
C) 10
D) 9


  1. Oh dear...maybe the Local Knowledge 6'5 for deeper...but then what an amazing problem to have. Have the best time.

  2. c - for the extra challenge

  3. I would go with C, most def... C....

    have fun...

  4. Pedal to the Metal, go the "D"

  5. take the twinnie!!!! Its your fave and you'll have a ball!!- Mark

  6. 30kg's how many other boards are you taking?2? I think I would go the Bing, C

  7. D i reckon. Good luck with your decision>

  8. ...without hesitation: A!