1975 to 1985- From back row left to right........

My friend Mark came to visit me from LA and forced me to pull some of the boards out of the shed and lay them out in the drive. Seeing how many boards I have needlessly acquired made me feel a little embarrassed and self conscious, like when your mum pulls your box of Penthouse magazines out from under your bed and stands there and says 'what's the meaning of all this then!"

Mc Greigor, thruster with jet fins. AU
Hot Stuff, Al Bryne shaped single fin pin tail. AU
Bryne, Tom Carroll model square tail thruster. AU
Jackson, Lim Parkinson shaped rail channel thruster. AU
Section 8 twin fin. AU
Jet , twin fin. AU
Hot Stuff, single fin pin tail. AU
Bryne, Tom Carroll model rounded pin tail thruster. AU
Wave Crest Hawaii stinger single fin shaped by Doug Bell. AU
Channel Islands Al Merrick designed Doug Bell shaped thruster. AU
Country Style Angourie twin fin. AU
KC, Greg Trotter shaped twin fin. AU
Local Knowledge tripple fly swallow tail twin fin. AU
Canyon big wave tri fin shaped by Rusty Rreisendorfer. US
Bruce Jones, twin fin. US
KC, Greg Trotter shaped thruster. AU
Sky, Bob Mc Tavish shaped twin fin. AU
Hot Butterred, Terry Fitzgerald shaped Drifta. AU
Emerald, Jim Banks twin fin. AU
Bryning Spear, Al Byrne shaped extreme channel bottom gun. AU
Glen Winton, Glen Winton shaped quad. AU
Hot Stuff, extreme channel bottom gun. AU
Free Flight, Col Smith shaped channel bottom pin tail single fin. AU
Jackson, Jim Parkinson shaped twin fin. AU
Mark Richards, Bob Margrets shaped bat tail twin fin. AU
Strapper, turbo fin thruster. AU
Bryne, T&C clinker bottom twin fin shaped for Vince Klyne. AU
Energy, Simon Anderson shaped twin fin. AU
Emerald, twin fin shaped by Steve Griffihs. AU
T&C, Nev Hyman shaped, square tail thruster. AU
Energy, thruster. AU
T&C, thruster shaped for Kingsley Looker. AU
Energy, thruster shaped by Scott Beggs.AU
Energy, thruster, AU
Energy, single fin shaped by Simon Anderson. AU
Energy, thruster. AU
Star, channel bottom single fin shaped by Alan Bean. AU
Hot Stuff, Al Byrne shaped single fin. AU
Mark Richards, stinger. AU
Hot Buttered, Greg Webber shaped thruster. AU
Mark Richards, Bob Margrets shaped twin fin. AU
Sun Dancer, twinzer / quad. AU
Nirvana, Glen Winton shaped flex fin twin fin. AU
Energy, Simon Anderson shaped for Simon Anderson, single fin. AU
Bruce Jones, twin fin. US
Rip Curl, Wayne Lynch designed Bill Shrosbree shaped thruster. US
Lightning Bolt, Bill Barnsfeild shaped twin fin. US
Lightning Bolt, Tom Eberly shaped twin fin. US
Lighting Bolt, twin fin. AU
Lightning Bolt, Stuart Cadden shaped twin fin. AU
Lighting Bolt, twin fin. AU
G&S, highlighter single fin shaped by Greg Solnes. AU
Lightning Bolt, Ken Bradshaw shaped single fin. US
McCoy, Lazor Zap shaped by Geoff McCoy. AU
McCoy, Tri Zap shaped by Geoff McCoy. AU
Sky, single fin, shaped by Robert Fenech. AU
Byrne, clinker twin fin. AU
Hot Dot, thruster shaped by Grant Miller. AU
Daniell, twin fin shaped by Peter Daniell. AU


  1. OMG, bout time we see them in one pic! Glad to see the shed is in a nice cool shady spot.


  2. you are a sick puppy...help is just around the corner, the next garage sale or swap meet...ha ha

  3. Hee hee, I loved your analogy of Mum finding the stash of Penthouse. I only have a 7 board quiver - ride them all - and STILL feel like that with certain people who ask why I need that many!

  4. "WOW", Great pic ! looks like a 'BIG-BOYS' lollie-shop !!!. Don't feel at all embarrassed, If I emptied my shed and did a photo like that, it would very, very similar to your shot !!! ....Mmmmmm !, Think I might have to get em all out for a photo for you to post !!!! Cheers !

  5. Sweet, suppose it's a good thing that u don't collect longboards as well.I would be totally in awe.Looking forward to seeing some of the punters putting there stash on show.Love to be a fly in Mockie's shed.

  6. Cool collection , counted 56 or so. My mates want me to do a photo of my stash , But if tha misses (who stopped counting at 100) see's them , she will know my actual total , The wife's old saying (NO MORE BOARDS) ,But The Husbands old comeback (I HAVE HAD IT FOR AGES) Don't give them a chance to start catching you out !!! Just ask if those are new shoes they have on!!!! Hide all tha new one's with tha old one's
    Will post a photo soon ... PS have tha leopard board from Puberty Blues one tha wall , Will put it in tha shoot

  7. i think u forgot some very important shapers Daryl Holms Alf Jeffries Peter Cornish otherwise very interesting happy surfing