Nice Rack

The problem with collecting surfboards is one is never enough.
No one has a single surfboard collection.
The more you get the more you need. I've built a lot of board racks in my time, always to store the exact number of board I have at that moment. But the problem is, as soon as you get one more the system is ruined.

Next thing you know your building a shed, and before you know it that thing is full.

Then your stringing up rope under the patio, which actually works quite well.

I like the idea of these new padded, modular plastic racks, Nice Rack
Once you install one rack its not a problem to expand the system as the next rack locks onto the one above.

Now, what am I going to do about the roof space in my garage......


  1. It seems you did take a few over with you, or are they new aquisitions?