Wave tools twin fin Part 5- New York City

While visiting the Wave Tools factory I was stoked to get to meet Charles from Quiksilver who was there to pick up three Wave Tools 80's model twin fins and a McCoy single fin reproduction. He shipped them to New York for the 'Hottest 100 yard event' and the launch of Jamie Brisick's new book 'The Eighties at Echo Beach'.

I am also stoked to see the culture, art and design of my beloved innovation period of surfboard design formally documented and celebrated. I'm looking forward to the west coast version of the event.

I was interested to see the prices they have listed these same boards in NYC.
I just hope these beautiful boards don't end up on the wall of a Manhattan loft never to see the ocean but instead spend some time on the F train to the coast to score some of those East Coast brown water barrels.

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