Illawarra Part 3.

Sitting in my hotel room on a cold, grey day in Hong Kong, my mind keeps wondering to the collection of boards recently posted to ebay OZ from Werri beach.  
This 6' x 19 3/4" x 2 3/8"  rounded square tail channel bottom 'Sunrise' quad shaped by Ken McDonald looks like it should belong in my 80's collection.
It would sit right next to my favorite Jackson twin fin. They look like they could be brothers. The Jackson and the Sunrise both have nice heavy 80's glossy glass jobs that have held up well over the years. The quad would be the high performance, jock brother, the twin fin, the laid back stoner brother.
long lost cousins

great condition for a 30 year old board

Jackson twin fin 2' tube ride. Sequence my Mark W.

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