The Surf Trip- Festival

Gavin's Surf Trip- Festival is shaping up to be an amazing event.
Here is a sample of the boards that Gavin will have on display and up for sale. They give a fascinating glimpse into his collection that reveals his commitment to preserving important Hawaiian, Californian and Australian designs.
1978-79 Lightning Bolt 7'10" pigment coast, semi gun shaped and authenticated by Tom Parrish, glassed by Boscoe Burns (father of late Ronnie Burns).

1970 G&S "magic ryder" shaped by Skip Frye. 7' 8" with hard railed, semi 'S' deck.

1976-78 Ben Aipa "Sting" 7'6".

1974-75 Aipa/Wave Crest Sting - 6'10"x191/2"

1972-3 Brad Mayes / Wilderness with Mural 6'10" with Shane Egan spray (?)

Late 70's early 80's "Surfboards Hawaii" twin fin. 6'2" x 21", double bump, round tail. Original Plastic "Fins Unlimited" fins and boxes.

For your viewing pleasure, a beautiful Ben Aipa twin fin that may or may not be for sale. You'll just have to go up the coast and twist Gavin's arm.


  1. I love this site and I love these old school boards. I'm 6'0" 200lbs, and I like these boards not only because they have so much more style than new boards, but they are also THICK, I won't sink them!
    Keep it up!

  2. I have the same exact Board, As the blue,green,yellow Aipa twin fin above. (Both have fins unlimited fin boxes) similar single wing swallow tail, and yet, it does not hold the Aipa label.. Both Ben Aipa and Rick Hamon shaped at the same shop back in the 70's.. Pretty sure this is the same template, being that these guys worked side by side. Please correct me if I am wrong
    Bob, from Texas
    Damion I have already sent pics to ur email

  3. just wanna clear things up.. They did not shape side by side..
    Yet, Rick hamon did shape Aipa's on mainland..... As stated below!

    Rick > Hammond I believe. Just wondering If this was the same. Maybe they merged. > I would guess early to mid eighties twin w/box Has a crazy channeled > bottom. I think Mike Singletary was the shaper. The outer channels fade > out about where the twins start. Then the inner channels start where the > outer channels end. Any purpose for this kind of bottom or maybe just a > experiment. 5'10''x20.5''double wing round tail. Kind of cool glitter > paint. Just curious. Thanks. "Surfing's New Image" was a 70's-80's Solana Beach based surfboard label. They were located on south Cedros just down the street from the Belly Up Tavern. I remember them as the mainland connection for AIPA stings, Rick Hamon (currently of RUSTY) shaped AIPA stings under the SNI label while Ben Aipa shaped them under George Downing's "Wave Crest Hawaii" label.
    "mine sounds exact, but mine is a single wing swallow tail" and has crazy channels... Bob from Texas