Bird's Nectar twin fin

One of the most iconic surfboard photo’s of the 80’s is this image that features a full board new wave style spray on a rounded pin tail Nectar twin fin. Its so special that it featured in Jeff Devine’s hardcover photo essay book called Surfing in the 80’s.

I have always loved this pic and have featured the image here on this blog when praising the work of Gary McNabb and his work at Nectar.
Can you imagine my surfprize when I dropped into Bird’s surf shed and saw those famous wrap around sunglasses poking out at me from the corner in the back of the shop.

It had literally been thrown away, a good Samaritan picked it up on the side of the freeway, a bit smashed up with a gaping wound in the tail, and donated it to Bird, where it can now retire with some dignity.

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