Where were you in '77. Part 2

Brain wrote to say-
Great blog. I have read most of your articles with great interest as this time period is when I first started surfing (about 1974).
One article that caught my attention for a number of reasons, was the 
On the same April weekend in '77 that Simon won his 1st Bells Contest, I went to a Surf Shop (long since gone) in Barwon Heads to buy a new board. We surfed 13TH and RAAFs most of the time so we always went to the Heads for our gear. The shop was opposite the pub, but not sure where exactly. I don’t believe it was in the old servo on the corner and my mate reckons it was back up the hill a bit closer to the pub.

I had been riding an old beat up Fred Pyke that I bought for $10 bucks from a workmate in Greensborough, but as I was turning 21 in May my girlfriend ( now Wife) was buying me a Board for the occasion, which sat very comfortably with me.

The shop had a lot of Bare Nature Pintail Flyers, real nice shapes and cool looks, but as soon as I saw  this Energy board, I was sold. The surf shop dude mentioned that Simon Anderson was going real well in the contest at that time.

Then the Radio started playing the opening bars of Pretty Vacant, and the dude whipped around and turned it off. “Cant stand that shit” he said. Well, I loved it, and still do.

Bought the board, and surfed it for years, before moving on to thrusters (never got a twinnie !!!). 
I live in the bush now so when I read your article I dragged it out of the garage and cleaned it up. 
Hope you like the pics and the Sex Pistols connection.

Great in any size and conditions, but best in hollow waves with some grunt .
6ft 10in x 19-1/4in x 2-5/8in

Some of my best memories revolve around the years I spent living for waves.
Me and my Soul brother Trev, spent so much time sharing the waves and lifestyle and the times we had doing so.

 I still have not experienced anything that compares to being in the water on an offshore day as the sun comes up, and your best mate is dropping in to a perfect wave in front of you. 
( I am talking about physical activities other than Sex which transcends mere mortal activities, yet still comes with a price tag. But thats another story.)
So many good times. I still check the cams every day. Unfortunately Trev has a debilitating back injury, and will never surf again.

So at 57 I find myself land bound in central Vic. I miss all those times but I am at peace with where I am in life.
Yes, your blog certainly got me reminiscing, and this is such a beautiful board. It deserves better than to spend its life in a dusty shed.
It has some stress cracks and a beaut onion, but is in great nick otherwise. 

Thanks for your passion mate.


  1. well said.... memories are great, probably best if it were hung on the wall!!!

  2. Thanks Damien Great stuff and please tell Brian if he's a seller and wants the board loved and in the water I'm interested at a market price cause I love stories with the boards in my collection