Bob Hurley shaped Rabbit model twin fin goes for a run

I'm stoked to see Hurley teaming up with Stacey surfboard to re-issue the twin fin design that Bob worked on with Rabbit in the early 80's. Its similar, if not identical the model I found that was originally shaped by Bob for Hawaiian Quiksiler pro Mikey Nielsen.

I love the foam filled fins. What attention to detail.

I surfed it many times at this southern Californian semi point break in all sizes and all conditions.

This day I brought my camera along.
 I was surfing with Ryan Martinez, he denies being related to Bobby, but one look at his back hand attack and you would have to disagree.

I updated the board with some era correct stickers.

The lovely Kaley Swift was out there absolutely ripping it up.

This spot breaks left and right. 
Its no secret, you can see it from the PCH and its mentioned in a Beach Boys song.

Nick Everist off the bottom

The board is quite thick and buoyant, as you can see by the way the whole tail sits is out of the water through the turns.

Is that Nick dropping in?

Scotty took the camera for a run with the hand plane and scored some nice images.

An interesting experiment, I'm not sure If I'm too stoked on the pole cam.

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