How to lose a Gopro.

I’ve been enjoying experimenting with my gopro waterproof camera, trying different ways to get interesting angles of the vintage surfboards in action.
My all time favorite water photo of a surfboard is Rory Russell’s yellow bolt in the tube at pipe. You get a real sense of the power of the wave and how the board is performing.
Trying to replicate to angle I picked up a couple of different suction cup attachments online. My plan was to modify the original set up add some PVC pipe and have the camera sit a foot or so higher and further back, while not damaging the surfboard.
To start with I thought I’d try the set up as it came out of the box.
The point was working nicely, the sun was beginning to set and I scored some very nice waves. I was able to look back and see the little red light flashing and I knew I was scoring some gold. I couldn’t wait to see the footage of the board flying down the line or cutting back into the sun.
What I didn’t realize is how much drag the camera creates when paddling for a wave and trying to take off, making it a lot harder to compete with the crowd to catch waves.
As it was ‘just and experiment’ I only tied the camera housing to the leash plug with a bit of string. I didn’t take the time to write my name or phone number on the housing.
I scored a set right up on the reef, pulling in, got worked and came up to realize the camera was no where in sight.
I swam around till dark, cursing myself for not adding my contact details, or at least a shoe lace to the camera.
I can accept losing the camera, but it’s losing the pics that has really upset me.


  1. where were you surfing? found a gopro recently in southern CA

    1. I was at Sandon Point south of Sydney.

      Thanks mate.!